17th Annual Animation Show of Shows

SaturDay  |  Screen 2  |  3:30 pm

The Film


Curated by Acme Filmworks founder Ron Diamond, The Animation Show of Shows collection features 108 superb films that until now have received only a limited release or have only been available in expensive compilations. Now this dazzling collection is being offered exclusively in a deluxe set of 54 DVDs—available individually or in 9 boxed sets—for less than the cost of a download from iTunes. Acme Filmworks has long been known for its award-winning commercials by many of the world’s best animators, now presents an award-winning collection of some of the best animated short films of the last twenty three years. 

Ron created the annual Animation Show of Shows as a way of bringing the year’s best shorts, selected from festivals around the world, to industry professionals who might not otherwise have an opportunity to see them. The screenings at major studios such as DreamWorks, Pixar, Disney and many others throughout North America have served to inspire and enrich the many professionals who have been lucky enough to see them. With the release of these DVD collections, everyone now has the opportunity to enjoy these artistic gems, which, in the space of five or ten minutes, provide an experience as poignant, humorous, or profound as the best feature film.

Run time: 1 hr 2 mins


Cast & Credits


Ron Diamond

The Artist

Acme Filmworks, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Ron Diamond to produce compelling artistic advertisements, music videos, short films, television programs and features by animators exploring unusual techniques and modes of storytelling. Acme's directorial roster is a who's who of international independent animation, including Michael Dudok De Wit, Bastien Dubois, Chris Hinton, Aleksandra Korejwo, Michal Socha, Raimund Krumme, Caroline Leaf, Yuval & Merav Nathan, Bill Plympton, Till Nowak, Diego Maclean, GianluigiToccafondo, Peter Chung, David Wasson and Wendy Tilby & Amanda Forbis.