Before "I Do"

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The Film

A game of Russian roulette. There are scandalous secrets and a cover up, and three people, bound to take them to the grave. Before ‘I Do’ draws you into the realm of passion and love, lust, lies, and friendship. A fast-paced, colorful drama with a splash of comedy and a myriad of surprises. At the heart, Caleb Abrams, a magnetic, Baltimore, MD, firefighter by day, artist by night, flamboyant and smooth, he could talk his way into a convent. As his “thirties” reluctantly loom to an end, he is on the brink of turning forty, and suddenly afraid of dying alone. Running in burning buildings gives Caleb an adrenaline rush out this world, but he can’t handle the deaths that are seemingly just part of the job. But Caleb’s sanctified father sees his dreams of becoming the next Van Gogh as less than practical, a strike to his confidence. He’s at a crossroad. Just one year ago, the love of Caleb’s life bailed on the eve of the wedding, opting to stroll the aisle with someone else. Finally, Caleb is picking up the pieces and moving forward with his life, but the scars are ever-present, bleeding into his present life and coloring every decision. In a twist, Caleb finds comfort. Best friend, Shelby, is ecstatic, when he learns that his wife, Jasmyn, is expecting, and deems Caleb, the “Godfather”. Out of nowhere, Asia resurfaces in Caleb’s life, and not to apologize for leaving him at the altar, but to rekindle an affair that will lead to insidious, humbling consequences when he discovers that he still loves her. Before ‘I Do’ placed as a semi-finalist in Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s AAA Screenplay Competition, of more than 1,500 entries, it placed in the Top 100. 

Run time: 1 hr 2 mins


Cast & Credits



First Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director

Assistant Camera

Script Supervisor


Associate Producer

Executive Producer


Kimberly D. Conner

Michel Ware

Timothy Farrell

Ian McMath

Zemaya Ficklin

Liz Zalar

Brandon Keating, Sr / David Anderson

Sunday Akinyemi

Kimberly D. Conner


The Artist

In 2016, Kimberly released the film, Before ‘I Do’, a story of two Firefighters. The film is an Official Selection in the 2016 Roxbury International Film Festival, and will premiere in Boston, MA. The film is based on an award-winning script.

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