Body Team 12

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The Film

BODY TEAM 12 is tasked with collecting the victims at the height of the Ebola outbreak.  These body collectors have arguably the most dangerous and gruesome job in the world.  Yet despite the strain they emerge as heroes while the film explores their philosophy and strength.

The story is told on the ground in Monrovia, Liberia through the eyes of the only female member of the team, Garmai Sumo.

A mother and caretaker, Garmia possesses a certain type of maternal heroism.  And through Garmai, we see the heartbreaking, lifesaving work of removing bodies from loved ones in order to halt transmission of the disease.

Run time: 13 mins


Cast & Credits




David Darg

David Darg / Bryn Mooser

The Artist

David Darg is an award winning film maker and co-founder of RYOT Media. David grew up in the Middle East and England. After receiving his degree in Philosophy from Oxford University, he moved to Africa to work in the non-profit sector. Named one of Esquire Magazine's "2012 Americans of the Year" and Details Magazine's "Hollywood Mavericks," David spent the last decade as a first responder and front line contributor for Reuters, the BBC and CNN, covering some of the world's largest natural disasters and wars. 

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