Die Flucht

SaturDay  |  Screen 3  |  12:44 PM

The Film

Die Flucht follows the story of a lonely figurine, traveling on a fixed track, trying to catch a red balloon. When the machine breaks down, the boy comes to life, and attempts to finish the cycle he was originally destined to be on forever.

Run time: 5 mins


Cast & Credits


Carter Boyce

The Artist

In June of 2015, I [Carter Boyce] accomplished something unlike anything before in my life. My senior film from DePaul, Die Flucht, received the top 3 awards at DePaul’s student film showcase, Premiere, including Judges Choice Award, Faculty Choice Award, And Best Animation. Die Flucht is the very first animation to win the Judges Choice Award at DePaul. I’m currently starting submissions and hoping to take it through the film circuit over the next year.