Miss You Already

SaturDay  |  Screen 2  |  8:00 pm

The Film

This comedy-drama chronicles the relationship of lifelong best friends, Jess and Milly. Complications arise when Jess, who has been living a free-spirited existence, decides she wants a baby and begins to envy the life of Milly, a career woman with a family. In rapid succession, Milly is diagnosed with cancer and must battle for her life while Jess discovers she's finally pregnant. These life-changing events cause the friendship to be tested as they attempt to deal with the joy and sorrow of their lives.

Run time: 1 hr 52 mins


Cast & Credits





Catherine Hardwicke

Jennifer Lackman

Drew Barrymore / Toni Collette / Dominic Cooper / Jacqueline Bisset / Janice Acquah / Paddy Considine

The Artist

Catherine Hardwicke was born in Cameron, Texas in 1955. She is a director and production designer, known for her work in Twilight, Thirteen, and Red Riding Hood.

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