Searching for the Lincoln Legacy

Dr. Samuel Wheeler, an Illinois State Historian, will present a lecture on the iconic image of Abraham Lincoln appears seemingly everywhere in popular culture, from our currency and postage stamps to television commercials, computer screens, and even major motion pictures.  What explains his omnipresence and, ultimately, what does it say about the power of the Lincoln legacy?   

*Included as part of the the Opening Gala Evening

Friday  |  Logan County Courthouse  |  8:45 PM

Pursuing and Attaining Your Dreams

Brenda Chapman and Kevin Lima will talk about their intertwined career paths in film and animation - from childhood dreams to making them a reality - and the surprises, obstacles and opportunities that helped them along the way. They hope to inspire and encourage the young people in the audience that their dreams are possible - they just need to reach out and work for them!  Tickets are $10.

*This Seminar is included with the purchase of a Full Fest Pass. 

Saturday  |  Screen 4 |  10:00 AM   


Esther Pearl, Founder and Executive Director of Camp Reel Stories, will be sharing information on valuable and encouraging tools for young women interested in the film industry. She will screening a selection of films from Camp Reel Stories in Oakland, CA and will lead a discussion on plans to partner with local advocates to set up the first expansion of Camp Reel Stories right here in Lincoln, Illinois!   This seminar is FREE.

Saturday  |  Screen 4 |  12:30 PM

The Lion King

Brenda Chapman, 2013 Oscar winner and Story Supervisor for The Lion King, will be hosting in a Q&A session immediately before the showing. Brenda will discuss the annoyance of younger brothers, eating bugs and stampedes to further a plot.

This Q&A is part of the LION KING screening.

Saturday  |  Screen 1  |  1:00 PM
Sunday  |  Screen 1  |  1:00 PM


Brenda Chapman, 2013 Oscar winner, will be hosting in a Q&A session immediately before the showing. She wrote and directed the film Brave.

She will also discuss the role of kilts, wee naked babbies and the early extinction of bears in the development of BRAVE.

This Q&A is part of the BRAVE screening.

Saturday  |  Screen 1  |  3:40 PM
Sunday  |  Screen 1  |  3:40 PM


Before the screening, Kevin Lima, Director of Enchanted, will be hosting a discussion about poisoned apples and role they play in a post-feminist princess culture.

This Q&A is part of the ENCHANTED screening.

Saturday  |  Screen 1  |  7:20 PM