Snow Day

SaturDay  |  Screen 2  |  2:10 pm
Sunday  |  Screen 2  |  12:30 pm

The Film

Hit the slopes with a charming group of senior citizen skiers whose stories unfold along with the ski day. Set in the Colorado Rockies, this film follows the ragtag group as they embrace both the joy and adversity that accompanies a long life that's been well lived. You'll be inspired by their stories of love, loss, and personal growth that play out in high contrast to the freedom and athleticism they exhibit on the mountain.

Run time: 58 mins


Cast & Credits



Director of Photography




Erica Milsom

Kathy Ringgold

Matt Ziniel / Jason Watkins

Kim Donovan / Krissy Cababa

Clark Milsom / Phil Mathews / Betty Meyer / Phylis Tumey / Earl Erikson

The Artist

Erica Milsom is a filmmaker working on both independent and commercial projects originating in the San Francisco Bay Area, who brings boundless curiosity and a streamlined narrative sensibility to all her work.