Stopping Before We Go

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SunDAY  |  SCREEN 3  |  12:45 PM

The Film

Stopping Before We Go is a modern day story of a series of strangers who interact while waiting for their delayed bus. While at first the three independent couplings may seem like they wouldn't talk with one another, something sparks a conversation between all of them and they find themselves immersed in discussions that help guide a future thought or decision in their life. It's a story about how a complete stranger can sometimes be the greatest friend and advice giver at a moment in time when our lives may unknowingly need it the most and how that moment can be completely unexpected, yet remembered forever.

Run time: 13 mins


Cast & Credits




Production Managaer

Director of Photography

Still Photography

Sound Mixer

Carlos Anos Valenzuela

Genevieve Sipperley


Mags Smith

Bart Elfrink

Charles Barnes

Jamison Sweet

The Artist

Carlos made his directorial debut in the short film “7 Minutes” winner of two awards “Award of Excellence” at the 2012 Canada International Film Festival and “Silver Lei Award” at 2012 Honolulu Film Awards. He also directed a short film “Stopping Before We Go” which will premiere later this year. “Mariah” a short film that Carlos produce and his wife Julie Hale wrote and directed. The movies of “Stopping Before We Go and Mariah will showcase locally later this year.

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