The Prince of Egypt


The Film

In this animated retelling of the Book of Exodus, Egyptian Prince Moses, upon discovering his roots as a Jewish slave, embarks on a quest to free his people from bondage. When his plea is denied by his brother Rameses, the new pharaoh, a series of horrific plagues strike Egypt. Moses finally leads the Israelites to freedom by parting the Red Sea and drowning the Egyptian army. God then gives Moses the Ten Commandments, a list of rules for his people to live by.

Run time: 99 mins

The directors

Brenda Chapman helped with the launch of DreamWorks Animation Studios, where she co-directed the 1998 release of the Oscar winning Prince of Egypt. Chapman was the first woman to direct an animated feature for a major Hollywood studio, for which she won the Movieguide Epiphany and Teddy Awards.   

Steve Hickner has spent over thirty-five years working at some of the most fabled studios in animation; including: DreamWorks, Disney, Amblimation, Aardman, Hanna-Barbera and Filmation.  His director credits include Bee Movie and The Prince of Egypt.   In addition, he has contributed to such feature films as Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Little Mermaid, The Great Mouse Detective, Madagascar, Shrek Forever After, Peabody and Sherman and Home.  Most recently, Steve has contributed to theme park and location-based entertainment projects in Dubai, London, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Hollywood.   He has been a guest speaker at many colleges and universities, film festivals and animation events.  He is the author of Animating Your Career, and Animation Rules!

Simon Wells has directed animated, live action, and performance capture films. His animation credits include co-directing DreamWorks’ award winning animated epic The Prince of Egypt and directing the Universal animated feature Balto. Wells directed the 2002 feature film, The Time Machine  which marked his live action directorial debut.  Wells currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Wendy, and daughters Meredith and Teagan. And yes, Simon is the great-grandson of H. G. Wells.

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